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Bring ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Into Your Beauty Routine with Beekman 1802’s Rose Apothecary Collection


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“Gossip is the devil’s telephone. Best to just hang up,” Moira Rose famously uttered on Schitt’s Creek.

But we have some gossip that is actually true: The Rose Apothecary x Beekman 1802 collection is coming to the mega e-tailer on Amazon Prime Day. Though the beloved series has ended, it can still live on in your beauty and skincare routine thanks to the collaboration between Schitt’s Creek and the co-founders of Beekman 1802. A sort of real-life version of David Rose and Patrick Brewer, Beekman 1802’s Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell went from their bustling Manhattan lives to the quiet life when they moved to their farm in rural upstate New York and found themselves with a herd of goats. They decided when someone gives you goats, you should use goat’s milk to create a skincare line and open a local apothecary. It’s strikingly similar to Rose Apothecary on Schitt’s Creek. Starting today, you can nab the limited-edition collection on Amazon, including these bébés.

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1. Rose Apothecary Lip Balm 

Made from 100% natural goat milk and botanicals, you’ll want to pucker up for this hydrating lip balm. The formula locks in moisture every time you swipe it on.

Rose Apothecary Lip Balm


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2. Rose Apothecary Bar Soap 

Suds up with this goat milk-based soap in the shower and you’ll feel like you just came straight from David Rose’s general store — it even has the same Heirloom Rose scent as his line. The bar soap works into a rich lather to gently cleanse your skin while infusing it with moisture.

Rose Apothecary Bar Soap



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3. Rose Apothecary Whipped Body Cream

You’ll feel as whipped as Patrick when you slather on this Whipped Body Cream. Like a hug for your skin, it envelops it in moisture, leaving skin smooth and scented with the signature Heirloom Rose fragrance, an addicting blend of rose, jasmine, neroli blossom, geranium and sandalwood.

Rose Apothecary Whipped Body Cream



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 4. Rose Apothecary Body Milk 

David Rose said, “What is body milk, if not milk for your body?” Those words might be running through your head when you apply this delightful body milk. It instantly sinks into skin to nourish your body from head to toe, featuring the Heirloom Rose scent.

Rose Apothecary Body Milk 



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5. Rose Apothecary Perfume

Spritz on a little bit of the Rose family every time you wear this perfume. The line’s signature scent, Heirloom Rose, is bottled up into perfume perfection. There are top notes of ivy leaves; middle notes of rose, jasmine and neroli blossom; and a base of geranium and sandalwood.

Rose Apothecary Perfume


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6. Rose Apothecary Votive Candle

Each candle is hand-poured in upstate New York, delivering the same attention to detail you’d expect from anything related to David Rose. Let it light up your life like your favorite episode of Schitt’s Creek.


Rose Apothecary Votive Candle


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