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Cannes: Chloe Sevigny Debuts Chopard Collaboration


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During this year’s Cannes festival, Chloe Sevigny starred in the opening night film The Dead Don’t Die and has her own short film White Echo in competition. If that wasn’t enough for the actress, she also debuted her new clutch handbag collaboration with Chopard on the Croisette.

Sevigny signed on to the project before she knew about the films being in the festival, in part because she wanted a week on the Riviera. “I thought it was a great way to come to Cannes, because I love being here and having a sense of community with other actors, and of course the glamour is really fun. Just being transparent!” she joked.

But on a more serious note, it’s a cause close to her heart. “It was also the idea of creating a sustainable bag and holding more luxury brands accountable. We have to think about where the products that we purchase are coming from and who is making them,” she told THR. “It’s a great opportunity to talk about that because we’re all in this whirlwind of glamour and film and the bigger meaning of that.”

Dressed in Chanel with a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses perched on her head — another sustainable collab she did with the eyewear brand — she noted that The Dead Don’t Die dealt with the topic of consumerism and overconsumption disguised as a zombie film.

Sevigny’s been a style icon since she was a teen, and says she has recently KonMari-ed her life by cleaning out her own closet. She now commits to six-month “no buy” periods so she can shop her own closet, which she says is 99.9 percent vintage.

The Chopard bag was also inspired by her classic wardrobe, and she looked through her vintage bag collection to come up with the 1940s-style square shape. While it comes in several color combos, Sevigny is partial to the red and black style. “For me the design was very selfish — I always wear black, I always wear yellow gold, and I always have red lips, so I can incorporate it easily into my wardrobe because it goes with all of my outfits.”

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