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Sony Mounts Escape Room in Heart of Hollywood


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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions — the sequel to the 2019 horror-thriller — hits theaters July 16, more than a year after its original release was scrapped because of COVID-19. With pandemic restrictions eased, Sony Pictures Entertainment brought the movie to life with (you guessed it!) an escape room experience on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

On July 13, in a setting designed to mirror an NYC subway scene, media types were locked inside a train car where they had 10 minutes to solve a numerical puzzle (the July 14 public experience sold out). Admittedly, THR didn’t crack the code, but helping to soften the sting after the experience was a Barts Carts Ice Cream Cart and as well as a Fatburger station.

See if the film’s stars, including Pose‘s Indya Moore, suffer the same fate in the Adam Robitel-directed film that is currently in theaters. It opened last weekend to $8.8 million from 2,815 theaters.

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A look at the temporary space.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Contestants search for numerical clues and plot their escape.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

This story first appeared in the July 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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