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Star Chef Nancy Silverton to Open Mozza in Mexico (Exclusive)


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If there were an IMDb for chefs, Nancy Silverton’s would have many well-known credits. But until now the Los Angeles–based culinary mastermind’s work has been California-centric. That changes early this fall, when the eight-time cookbook author and guest on Netflix’s Chef’s Table premieres her first Mozza in Mexico, at the luxury resort Costa Palmas, visited by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Rowland, Busy Philipps and Sara Sampaio.

“Certainly, the Sea of Cortez beckons — the bounty from it. And also I even like to say it, the Sea of Cortez. It has such an alluring sound,” says Silverton, whose restaurant will be centered around a hand-built wood-fired pizza oven in the courtyard of Costa Palmas’ upcoming Marina Village.

The co-owner of Los Angeles’ Pizzeria Mozza, the Michelin-starred Osteria Mozza, Mozza2Go and chi Spacca says she was lured by Costa Palmas’ developer, Jason Grosfeld, chairman and CEO of Irongate, and his team: “They were confident and smart. I think they knew once I saw Costa Palmas I would be more than enticed — maybe obsessed is more like it.”

Silverton tells THR she has loved and been fascinated by Baja since her father took her there when she was 13 years old. “It’s such a dramatic — and tranquil — change from the bustle of Los Angeles, and it seems like another world even though it’s only a two-hour flight away.” The James Beard Foundation outstanding chef award winner expects (and knows) several Mozza regulars will make the trek down as soon as they can, given the spot’s accessibility to L.A. “They are already asking me for reservations!” says Silverton, who also has a Pizzeria Mozza in Newport Beach, California.

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A rendering of the forthcoming Mozza at the Marina at Costa Palmas in Baja.


Those who do visit this fall will find that Mozza Baja is still a Mozza, “but with several dishes likely having an extra zip!” As she establishes connections in the area, Silverton promises Mozza Baja will use an increasing number of local ingredients and suppliers for their beloved dishes, which will range from plenty of their famous pizzas (naturally) to mussels and meatballs al forno, antipasti like burrata bacon and squash blossoms, octopus salad, linguini clams, yellowtail spiedino and porcini rib eye. With blue sea views in the background, the grill will sizzle with hyper-fresh seafood and produce. “There’s so much to learn still, and I guess you could say I’m still exploring,” she adds of the still-evolving menu, which thus far comprises favorites from her trio of popular eateries.

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A spread of signature Mozza dishes.


Situated on the East Cape of the Baja Peninsula, on 1,000 acres with a two-mile beach, Costa Palmas so far comprises the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, private villas, a golf course, beach and yacht club, and 18 acres of orchards and farms. The colorful new destination Costa Palmas Marina Village, which Mozza will anchor, is forthcoming, with the Amanvari Resort & Residences in the works, too.

Breakfast and lunch — antipasti, pizzas, pastas and salads topped with lobster and shrimp — will also be served in and outside the restaurant and bar, and guests also will be able to snag takeaway from a grab-and-go counter reminiscent of an old-school Italian deli. The bar should be a hot spot for sundowners as golden hour highlights all the yachts.

The south-of-the-border setting will undoubtedly change the experience, which excites Silverton. The vibe, she says, will still have that “electric feel a diner has knowing they are about to eat great food, but with a view of the Sea of Cortez and not a view of traffic and the sounds of police sirens we have in South Hollywood,” says Silverton of her new release. “It will be a more relaxed vibe.”

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