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Stylist, Influencer and Working Mom Chriselle Lim Tells Us How She Gets It Done


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Chriselle Lim — fashion blogger, YouTuber, stylist, and influencer — has spent the past year like a lot of parents: struggling to work from home and take care of her small children at the same time. But balancing parenting and work has always been a challenge for professionals with children, especially mothers. A solutions-oriented person, Lim created BümoWork, the first co-working space for working parents with fully licensed childcare.  

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lim explains how the co-working space got started, and shares the other lifehacks, products and resources that help her “have it all,” as they say. 

“When I had my first child, Chloe, I realized the lack of options for working parents, especially working moms. There were no real long-term solutions for working moms like me who wanted to continue to thrive in their careers but still be a present parent and to be co-located with their children,” Lim says. “There were a few co-working spaces that had childcare, but they were usually all unlicensed childcare which means they cannot legally change their diapers, feed them, put them down for a nap, nor could you be on location with them for more than two to three hours.”

While this was better than nothing, it was no long-term solution, which is how the idea for BümoWork came about. Lim designed a space where parents can get away and focus on their own tasks, while knowing their little ones are safe and cared for just down the hall.

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The new BümoWork at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles.


“The workspace was intentionally designed so the parents would have their own space separate from the children’s space,” Lim explains. “The fact that the kids are so close to the parents, yet still separate, gives parents peace of mind.”

Before opening the new BümoWork space, located at Los Angeles’ Westfield Century City, Lim had to get creative with juggling childcare and work at home. “The biggest challenge of working from home is the frequent interruption. Since I have 2- and 6-year- olds, it’s guaranteed that they will need me in some way quite often,” she says. “It makes it really difficult to get into a steady flow with work during the day so I end up working a lot after the kids go to bed, which is not ideal.”

One solution she recommends is the BümoBrain Box. “It is a subscription box that is sent to your home every month with all of the supplies needed for the BümoBrain classes. The subscription comes customized to the activities, so your kids can participate along with these on demand classes! It’s pretty incredible because not only is it educational, but the kids get so excited about their boxes that it feels like Christmas every time they receive it!”

But Lim also has a few recommendations for working moms as well. 

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A play area at BümoWork.


“Aside from my Instant Pot, air fryer, and Peloton, which all help me save time as a busy mom, I would also say that adding a good multivitamin is so essential as moms need as much energy and strength throughout the day,” Lim adds.

You can shop Lim’s recs below. 

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1. Instant Pot Duo


instant pot duo

Instant Pot Duo 6-qt


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2. PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer

air fryer

PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer


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3. Peloton Stationary Workout Bike

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Peloton Bike Basics


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4. Perelel Mom Multi Support Pack Vitamins

“I love my Perelel vitamins and take them every day,” Lim tells THR. “They make it super easy as they give you all the vitamins you need for the day in a single little packet.”

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Perelel Mom Multi Support Pack


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5. Dior Tote Bag

“I also absolutely love my oversized Dior tote bag that can carry both my work life and mom life in it while still being super chic!” says Lim.

oversized dior tote

Dior Book Tote


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