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The Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for Getting Ready Like a Star


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When you see photos and videos of stars getting their makeup done, they all have one thing in common: Lots of amazing lighting. It’s a well-known fact that better lighting can help you get more accurate results when contouring, applying eyeliner or creating a red carpet-ready eyeshadow looks that require attention to detail.

Since most of us don’t have movie star-style vanities at home, the best lighted makeup mirrors are the next best thing. Seeing all your facial features makes it a lot easier to ace your foundation or get your mascara just right. To bring your beauty sessions to the next level, we’ve rounded up the best LED makeup mirrors. Check out our top picks below, from stylish travel-ready options and smart mirrors that detect your skin condition to full-sized lighted mirrors and more.

1. Riki Loves Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror


There’s a good chance you may have spotted Riki Loves Riki’s Skinny lighted mirror on social media at some point. Beloved by influencers and makeup artists alike, it boasts super bright LED lights with five stages of dimming, as well as an adjustable stand. Ideal for selfies or videos, the mirror’s surface is magnetic, so you can stick a phone clip directly on it, as well as the additional mini lighted 3x magnifying mirror it comes with. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to make posing and posting even easier. Since it only weighs a pound and a half and is incredibly slim, it can be used on the go and stored in skinny places.

Riki Loves Riki Skinny 10X Lighted Mirror

Riki Loves Riki Riki Skinny 10X Lighted Mirror


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2. Bestope Makeup Mirror


As the best lighted trifold makeup mirror, this Bestope model helps you work all your angles, especially with its 180-degree rotation. The high-definition glass allows you to see yourself crystal clear, as well as 2X and 3X magnification so you can work those details, making it ideal for applying eye makeup with precision. It has 21 LED lights that are controlled by the touch of a sensor switch, letting you get the light just right. Choose how it’s operated, with either a USB cable or four AAA batteries.

Bestope Makeup Mirror

Bestope Makeup Mirror


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3. Fancii Mila Compact Makeup Mirror


This chic compact makeup mirror by Fancii opens up to reveal two magnification options (1x and 10x) and dimmable LED lights that mimic natural sunlight. The four-inch mirrors offer a distortion-free view, and the compact is rechargeable via USB and lasts up to 30 days on a full charge. It comes in three stylish colorways.

Fancii Compact Makeup LED Mirror

Fancii Compact Makeup Mirror


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4. HiMirror Slide Smart Makeup Mirror


HiMirror’s futuristic Slide mirror can assess and monitor your skin’s condition over time, so you can track the effectiveness of your skincare routine. The LED lights have five settings for simulating a sunny day, the sunset, a bright indoor office, a shopping mall or market and an indoor restaurant or venue, while the augmented reality feature lets you try new makeup looks virtually. The smart mirror can also be connected to Facebook, Google Duo, Instagram, Spotify or YouTube, so you can watch content, listen to music or video chat with others.

HiMirror Slide Smart LED Mirror

HiMirror Slide


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5. Hansong LED Lighted Large Vanity Makeup Mirror


Thanks to the 10 times magnification, you can ditch your reading glasses whenever you use this tri-fold makeup mirror, which also includes a built-in makeup organizer. It’s great for up-close work like tweezing your eyebrows, thanks to the 2X, 3X and 10X magnification settings. It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can get into the groove during your beauty routine, and the detachable zoom lens lets you customize your mirror setup. The battery-free mirror is rechargeable by USB, and a four-hour charge gets you a week’s worth of power.

Hansong Makeup Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth

Hansong Makeup Mirror


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6. Magicfly Vanity Mirror Lighted Makeup Mirror


With four HD mirror panels, this vanity mirror covers all the bases, with a 1X flat mirror and 2X, 3X and 10X magnifications. That’s what makes it one of the best lighted makeup mirrors. Its 21 LED lights have adjustable brightness via an easy-to-control switch sensor. And thanks to 180-degree rotation and tri-foldable design, it can be positioned at any angle. Stash your beauty essentials in the convenient base design tray. It runs on a micro USB cable or four AAA batteries (the latter are not included).


Magicfly Vanity Mirror


Magicfly Vanity Mirror Lighted Makeup Mirror


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7. Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror


When you want to feel like a movie star or as if you’re about to take a Broadway stage, this is the best dressing room-style lighted makeup mirror for you. In addition to its old Hollywood vibes, this mirror puts the fun in functional. Bordered with 12 3W LED lights, it offers both warm light or daylight settings, with adjustable brightness and 360-degree free rotation. Its memory function will turn it on to its last setting. Built to last, it’s made with a solid metal frame and base, while the LED bulbs have a 50,000-hours lifespan, and it just plugs right in with the included 12V adapter.


Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror


Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror (reg. $75)


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8. Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Light


If you’re lucky to have a generous vanity space, this tabletop makeup mirror is the best option for you. Measuring 31.5 inches by wide by 23.6 inches tall, this mirror is adorned with 14 dimmable LED bulbs that will make you feel — and look — like a movie star. In addition to helping you create flawless makeup looks, the size also makes it great for doing your hair. Plus, it’s currently on sale for $15 off when you clip the coupon on the Amazon product page.

Chendle Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Light (reg. $240)


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9. Hauschen Home LED Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror


If you’re looking for a truly pro-like setup, Hauschen Home’s wall-mounted bathroom mirror will set the perfect prepping scene. Available in sizes ranging from 32-by-24 inches to 36-by-48 inches, this versatile vanity mirror can be wired to your wall switch for easy on/off controlling. You can adjust the light’s brightness from 20 to 100 percent and the warmth from 3000K white to daylight-like 5500K. It also features an anti-fogging function to ensure that your reflection is always clear, and the memory touch sensor lets you easily customize the mirror. Depending on which size you get, the mirror is also $45 to $70 off on Amazon when you apply the on-page coupon, too.

Hauschen Home 32x24-Inch LED Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Hauschen Home Wall-Mounted LED Vanity Mirror (reg. $325)


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10. SunplusTrade Led 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror


No counter space? No problem. This suction cup lighted makeup mirror will stick wherever you need it to, making it completely hassle-free. It has 7X magnification, bright LED lighting and a flexible 9.8-inch gooseneck for easy movement and adjustability. You can stick it right onto your regular mirror. It doesn’t come with its required three AA batteries.


Sunplustrade LED Makeup Mirror


SunplusTrade Led 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror


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11. Conair Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror


It’s no surprise that Conair makes one of the best lighted makeup mirrors, as the brand is a longtime leader in the space. Flip over this double-sided mirror for either a standard view or seven times magnification, then switch on the power button to activate the halo LED lighting. With its 6-inch by 8.5-inch oval shape and 360-degree rotation, this elegant mirror has everything you need.


Conair Doubled-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror


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12. HotLife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


No matter if you’re getting on a plane for a vacation or just carrying this in your gym bag, this foldable travel mirror is perfect for on the go. One side is a regular mirror and the other has two times magnification, plus it has eight dimmable LED lights controlled with a touch screen button. Measuring just 5 inches high by 3.3 inches wide by .4 inches thick, it’s small enough to slip into your purse. It runs on two batteries and even comes with an extra pair.

Hotlife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Hotlife LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror


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