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The Best Men’s Hoodies for a Cool and Comfy Spring


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Spring is often defined by its in-between weather, the kind that leaves you torn between a hoodie and t-shirt. And for those days when you do opt for something a bit heavier and hooded, striking the perfect sartorial balance can sometimes be a challenge. Indeed, it’s important to stay warm, but you don’t want to be sweating through an unpleasant material. The style, brand and even color are also deciding factors.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best men’s hoodies that pass the cool test. Go beyond basic with one of these nine options, with a focus on fashionable and sustainable brands and for a variety of budgets.

1. Patagonia P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoodie

Patagonia is known for its blend of cool and sustainability. The P-6 Logo Uprisal hoodie fits that build, being made from 30 recycled bottles, as well as about a pound of cotton scrap — something highlighted on the garment’s label. It also delivers on the cool factor, as the block color is complete with the eye-catching, recognizable mountain logo. It fits mostly to size and isn’t too heavy either, making it the perfect year-round hoodie that works for a spring evening or a slightly cooler day. A few neutral colors are available, but the dark green is the one that stands out the most this season.


Patagonia P-6 Hoodie


Patagonia P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoodie


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2. Everlane Waffle Knit Hoodie

The waffle knit hoodie from Everlane offers an ideal blend of warmth and comfort. The 100 percent cotton fabric is breathable and also fits snugly. But it’s also versatile, and can trap heat if you need to warm up or layer. The sustainability-focused brand is pretty transparent about where its products are made; you can look at the factory via its website. Go for the yellow color if you’re into something that will stand out.

Everlane Waffle Knit Hoodie

Everlane Waffle Knit


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3. Madewell Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Madewell’s pullover hoodie sweatshirt is sleek and simple. The fit is fairly standard, and the 100 percent cotton is sufficiently thin to make it an ideal spring piece. A few colors are also on sale so you can save a little for an excellent quality hoodie — something both cool and practical.


Madewell men's pullover hoodie


Madewell Men’s Pullover Hoodie (reg. $82)


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4. Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Dry Sweat

Uniqlo offers a wide range of hoodies, from light zip-ups to more hefty, sherpa-lined options. The minimalist Japanese brand’s signature Ultra Stretch Dry Sweat zip-up is made of a stretchy, athletic polyester-cotton blend that can be sported in either hot or cold. Available in other colors, it’s heavy on the pockets, with tons of storage space for keys, a phone or anything else you might need on a daily basis.


Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Full Zip Hoodie


Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Dry Sweat Full-Zip Hoodie


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5. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie

With the Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie, it’s the softness that stands out. The mostly-cotton material is smooth against the skin, and the kangaroo pocket is lined with fleece. Nike manages all of this without making the hoodie too heavy, combining comforting material with a classic look. These days, monochrome fits are all the rage, and matching sweats are available for almost every colorway of the hoodie. But if you fancy something a little safer, you can’t go wrong with the classic black or white.

Nike Soft Fleece Hoodie

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece


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6. Amazon Aware Hoodie

Amazon’s Aware brand offers a more sustainable take on the fast fashion of its essentials line. The e-commerce giant’s hoodie is made with materials that meet global organic cotton standards and is a certified carbon-neutral product. The sweater is as soft as any at the price point, making it an affordable buy that will end up on your doorstep very quickly. That it comes in a cool range of colors is merely a bonus.

Amazon Aware Hoodie

Amazon Aware Hoodie



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7. Hiro Clark Ace Hotel Hoodie

If you’ve ever admired Antoni Porowski’s clever and edgy tees in Queer Eye, you can thank Los Angeles-based label Hiro Clark. The label pays homage to SoCal landmarks, and such is the case with its collaboration with Downtown L.A.’s Ace Hotel (a frequent stop among stars). The two institutions share a vested interest in comfort and relaxation, so a partnership makes a lot of sense. And it’s yielded a cool product, with a stark logo standing out from a versatile gray block hoodie.

For those flocking to the desert for Coachella‘s triumphant return, the effortlessly cool brand offers many other spring essentials, including the newly minted Desert Rivalry package, that references areas of the Golden State including Joshua Tree, Coachella, Death Valley, and more.

Hiro Clark Ace Hotel

Hiro Clark x Ace Hotel Hoodie


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8. Ksubi Biggie Real Palm Hoodie

A small Aussie brand, Ksubi has appealed to celebrities including A$AP Rocky, Kylie Jenner, Ruby Rose and more. Its Real Palm Hoodie is a soft and welcoming pullover that’s ideal for an extra layer of warmth on a crisp spring morning, and it features an oversized fit that can be sported anywhere.


Ksubi Biggie Real Palm


Ksubi Biggie Real Palm Hoodie (reg. $200)


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9. Stone Island Core Fleece Hoodie

For a trendier pick, Stone Island’s Core Fleece hoodie could be a good investment. The Italian brand has become a staple of hip-hop culture in both the U.S. and U.K. and it remains a sensible everyday sort of wear, too. (Stars like Drake, Sebastian Stan and Adam Driver have worn the line.) The label’s signature fleece hoodie checks all the boxes: It’s lightweight, comfy and comes with the very recognizable compass patch on the left arm.


Stone Island Hoodie


Stone Island Fleece Hoodie


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10. Brunello Cucinelli Ribbed Hoodie

Brunello Cucinelli’s ribbed hoodie is the perfect option if you’re willing to spend big for a piece from the luxury Italian designer. The 100 percent cotton hoodie is made in a village an hour outside of Florence, and it inherits that classical style and craftmanship. It’s a thin piece, making it perfect for layering in the Mediterranean and beyond. (Jeff Bezos, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mathew McConaughey have been spotted in the luxe label.)

Bruello Cucinelli Ribbed Hoodie

Brunello Cucinelli Rib-Knit Cotton Hoodie


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11. Tardy Donkey Van Gogh Hoodie

Primarily, Tardy Donkey’s Van Gogh hoodie is incredibly comfy. Made out of french cotton with cool stripey lining, it’s a very wearble piece, a good fit for all times of year. The cool patch on the right sleeve — a recreation of the Dutch painter’s portrait of Paul-Eugene Milliet — makes the hoodie entirely unique. For exclusivity and comfort, it’s hard to find better.

Van Gogh hoodie

Tardy Donkey Van Gogh Hoodie, $160, on Tardy

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