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10 LightBox Expo Panels to Watch Online


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Friday sees the start of LightBox Expo 2020, the virtual edition of the show spotlighting visual artists, illustrators and designers in the entertainment industry, mixing artist booths and online panels to showcase some of the most interesting work available today.

With three days of programming — the event runs Friday through Sunday — available in tiers from $1 through $40, it might seem overwhelming knowing just what to tune in for. The full schedule can be found on the official LightBox Expo Online site, but for anyone looking for some suggested highlights… keep reading.


Women in Game Art Panel 10:00 am
Given the preconceived notion that the gaming industry skews predominantly male, it might be surprising to learn that more than half of the animation team behind The Sims 4 are women. In this panel, animation director Lacey Bannister talks to some of the women behind the popular property.

Applying Character Design Principles to Anything 11:30 am
Designer Sam Nielson leads an informal demonstration of techniques and concepts he’s learned across a couple of decades when it comes to creating the environments and objects that surround the animated characters everyone is paying attention to.

Creating the Illustrated Novel 2:00 pm
Illustrators including Iain McCaig, Greg Manchess, Victoria Ying, and Mia Araujo discuss the challenges and rewards of creating illustrated novels and comics, from creative block to dealing with agents and publishers.


Social Media for Artists 7:00 am
How do illustrators navigate social media in terms of promotion, creating a following, and using it to build a career? DeviantArt’s head of social media, Matt Buchholtz, leads a discussion with guests including Raven artist Gabriel Picolo.

Lights! Pencils! Action! Live-Action Storyboards with the Illustrators of IATSE Local#800
11:00 am
Storyboarders Benton Jew (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Logan, Wonder Woman), Amy Umezu (Jurassic World, Kong: Skull Island), Ricardo Delgado (Scoob!), and Dave Lowery (Jurassic World, Lion King, The Mandalorian) talk about their work.

The Storytelling Biz Direct From the Pros 11:00 am
Of course, if you don’t want to see live action story boarders talk about their work, then here are animation veterans Le Tang (Story Artist, Pixar), Vaugn Ross (Director, Warner Bros), Sterling Sheehy (Story Artist, Lucasfilm), Calvin Tsang (Story Artist, Blue Sky Studios), and Don Ta (Story Artist, Blizzard) talking about how things work in their world.

Interview with Andy Park 11:15 am
Park, the director of visual development for Marvel Studios, talks about his involvement in creating the cultural juggernaut that is Marvel Studios.

Designing for Scoob! Bringing Anatomy and Science to Hanna-Barbera Characters 2:00 pm
It’s one thing for the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons to move in 2D hand-drawn animation, but what does it take to make the characters work in a big-screen CGI environment? Brynn Metheney, who worked on the recent Scoob!, reveals all.


Designing Loki’s Costume for Thor Ragnarok 9:00 am
What went on behind the scenes in coming up with Tom Hiddleston’s look for the recent Marvel Studios production? Anthony Francisco, senior visual development artist for Marvel Studios, talks about his process and demonstrates how he generates new ideas.

How to Break Down a Scene 11:00 am
Story Artists Nick Sung (Pixar) and Sergio Paez (Pixar, Lucasfilm) hold court in an hour-long panel to talk about their process and how they both approach a scene from the ground up.

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