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AfterShock Comics’ ‘The Kaiju Score’ Picked Up By Sony


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Months before its debut, the movie rights for AfterShock Comics’ upcoming series The Kaiju Score have been picked up by Sony Pictures, with the project currently being developed by Escape Artists and AfterShock.

The comic book series, announced by The Hollywood Reporter back in April, is described by co-creator and writer James Patrick (The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb) as “a Quentin Tarantino film taking place in some corner of a Godzilla movie,” and follows four criminals attempting the perfect heist in the middle of a giant monster attack on the city.

Escape Artists’ Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch will produce the adaptation alongside Tony Shaw, who brought the property into Sony. (Sony Pictures’ Drew Reed and Jake Bauman are described as being “instrumental” in the deal, as was Rive Gauche Television.) AfterShock Comics’ Lee Kramer and Jon Kramer will also produce, with Jiao Chen overseeing the project for Sony Pictures. Steve Burkow of Ziffren, Brittenham negotiated on behalf of AfterShock.

“The truth is that the whole thing has been wonderful and surreal, but I’ve also found myself kind of having not digested it because it happened so fast,” Patrick told The Hollywood Reporter about the deal. “I’ve tried to not be excited about it and just focus on my work, but I’ve failed at that. I’m excited. Period. Excited because it will hopefully bring more eyes to the book since it won’t come out until November, excited for people to read the book and see how much more it is than just a good hook, and excited if it brings more attention to my other work and to [co-creator] Rem Broo’s wonderful art and his other books.”

He continued, “Despite the fact that things happened with the publisher and movie deal so fast, this was a book that was developed for a while and it’s nice to see a payoff. And there’s a sense of relief since Rem had committed himself to it so long ago and put in so much work before anything ever came of it. And I can’t communicate enough how excited I am that this is with Sony and Escape Artists. They make great movies and I feel the material is in great hands. I can’t believe how lucky we got.”

Broo (The End Times of Bram and Ben) added, “I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day, telling her how fast things are moving with this project and that I fear that this might make me feel anxious and overwhelmed in the end. She replied that after 10 years of intensely overworking myself in the industry, it’s about time for something to move fast in the right direction, so I should lay back and enjoy a bit of success.”

That said, with the comic book series not debuting until November, Broo feels that it’s perhaps too early to relax just yet. “Not only has the book not been released yet, but it hasn’t been finalized. James did a fantastic job on the script, but I still have plenty to do on the visual part. This fact keeps me grounded and cool-headed for the moment. I need to keep myself focused on doing my job as well as my abilities allow me to, and let the things develop into something that I’m sure will be great.”

Patrick is confident in the finished comic book product, saying that the series is a must read because “it goes deeper than the hook and has some great characters, great dialogue, great moments, and Rem’s killer art. We always believed this book should have a cool element and swagger that would make it stand out. That if this book were a person, everyone would notice it when it walked into a room.”

“I’m going to use the words that James did when he approached me for the first time, regarding a possible collaboration between the two of us,” Broo responded. “He said that I might be the right guy for the job because my art has ‘life and style and a nice slick vibe.’ I think he used these words because they mirror his writing perfectly. The truth is that this book has attitude. And nobody can stay away from that.”

The Kaiju Score will launch Nov. 25 in comic book stores and digitally.

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