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Amanda Kloots Says “It Could Be Months” Before Nick Cordero Leaves Hospital


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Amanda Kloots gave an update about her husband Nick Cordero’s status in the ICU in a series of Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

The Broadway star, who is best know for his roles in shows like Waitress, A Bronx Tale and Rock of Ages, was originally hospitalized in March due to complications with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

A fan asked if Cordero has a release date from the hospital, and Kloots revealed that her husband won’t be able to come home for a while. “Unfortunately it could be months from now still. Best case scenario,” she shared. “We’ve got a long, long road ahead.”

When asked if the couple has plans to travel once Cordero is discharged, Kloots said that his recovery will prevent them from traveling for a long time. “After Nick gets out of the hospital, ’cause he is getting out of this hospital, he would go to a rehab center and probably be at a rehab center for a year before even coming home,” she said. “They say every week in the ICU is a month in rehab.”

Another fan asked if Cordero is able to move at all. “That’s what’s so heartbreaking is he’s so weak,” she said. “He still can’t move and his muscles are definitely atrophying. He’s lost 65 lbs.”

“He can’t speak unfortunately,” she added of her husband’s current condition. “He can’t really even move, you guys. That’s how weak he is. He looks up, he looks down, he looks left and right. And he answers questions, yes and no questions. A ‘yes’ is looking up and  ‘no’ looks down.”

Kloots also spoke about Cordero’s blood pressure, noting that he struggled on Wednesday. “His blood pressure has been so good for a little while,” she said before sharing that his blood pressure has been “all over the place” during the past two days. She added that the “next goal is to get Nick’s blood pressure under control.”

She also shared that Cordero has undegone prone ventilation while in the ICU, which is a form of ventilation that is delivered as the patient lies flat on their chest. She added, “They recently proned him for a couple of days in the ICU again.”

Kloots revealed that she doesn’t know when she will be able to see Cordero in person, who she has been communicating with via FaceTime. “I’m so hoping that, you know, all of these restrictions and everything make it a lot easier for visitors. Obviously needed and understandable, but, you know, let’s hope that this can happen,” she said.

Also during the Q&A session, she shared that she isn’t sure if Cordero knows that his leg was amputated. “It is hard when I’m talking to Nick to understand exactly what he’s understanding,” she said. “I have told him about his leg, and I’ve told him about the amazing prosthetics that are available now, and I told him that he’s gonna be fine.”

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