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Ben Platt Reveals He Recovered From COVID-19


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Ben Platt revealed that he has fully recovered after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

While answering fan questions on Twitter on Sunday, the actor responded when someone asked whether Platt personally knows anyone that has contracted COVID-19.

“Me,” he replied. He went on to explain, “it was like an awful flu that lingered for 3 weeks or so.”

“Thankfully made a full recovery. So many haven’t been as lucky and will continue not to be,” he said before reminding everyone to wear a mask.

After fans expressed concern, Platt clarified: “This was in march, I’m totally fine now.”

The tweet marks the first time Platt has publicly stated he was positively diagnosed. Platt joins an array of Hollywood stars such as Bryan Cranston , Hugh Grant and more who have also detailed their experiences with COVID-19.

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