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Comics Writer Warren Ellis Responds to Sexual Coercion Allegations


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In a statement released Thursday evening, comic book and animation writer Warren Ellis responded to multiple allegations appearing on social media this week that he had abused his position within the industry to coerce women into romantic and sexual relationships.

“While I’ve made many bad choices in my past, and I’ve said a lot of wrong things, let me be clear, I have never consciously coerced, manipulated, or abused anyone, nor have I ever assaulted anybody. But I was ignorant of where I was operating from at a time I should have been clear and for that I accept 100% responsibility,” Ellis wrote in a statement on Twitter and on his now-closed Orbital Operations newsletter. “I have always tried to aid and support women in their lives and careers, but I have hurt many people that I had no intention of hurting. I am culpable. I take responsibility for my mistakes. I will do better and for that, I apologize.”

Women started coming forward on social media about Ellis’ alleged misconduct earlier this week; a Twitter thread about a group collecting their experiences noted not only commonalities in stories, but also the number of women speaking up. By Thursday evening, almost 50 women had joined the group. A number of women claimed that Ellis approached them when they were young, offered help as a mentor and then moved the relationships physical, with the women — wanting to break into the industry — not feeling like they could say no. 

DC, which is currently in the middle of publishing Ellis’ The Batman’s Grave with artist Bryan Hitch, declined to comment regarding the status of that series or Ellis’ future work with the company. Netflix, which has already wrapped production on the next season of Ellis’ Castlevania series, also declined to comment.

Read Ellis’ full statement below.

June 19, 2:35 p.m.Updated to note DC declined to comment.

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