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Daveed Diggs, Lena Waithe to Narrate ‘Black Imagination’ Audiobook Production


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Tony and Grammy Award winner Daveed Diggs and Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe are set to narrate the audiobook production of viral conception artist Natasha Marin’s Black Imagination.

Marin’s Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures curated collection, published in 2020, is comprised of short stories, testimonies and poetry from over 36 individuals across the Black community who reflect on three questions: “What is your origin story?”, “How do you heal yourself?” and “Imagine a world where you are loved, safe, and valued.”

Diggs, Waithe and Marin have joined forces with reading platform Scribd for the audiobook production that will amplify and bring the voices of Black children, Black youth, the Black LGBTQ+ community, unsheltered Black people, incarcerated Black people and others, to life through their narration.

“The struggles and reflections that are told throughout Black Imagination are relatable and important experiences,” says Diggs. “These powerful stories give life to the voices of our family members, our friends, and our ancestors who have been silenced for far too long. I don’t look at this project as just a reading, but more of a vehicle to help listeners experience the joy, pain and self-reflection of each individual who was brave enough to tell their story.”

“After connecting with Natasha and hearing her creative vision for Black Imagination, I knew that this was a project that I needed to be involved in,” said Waithe. “Rewriting history is our right, but I believe that it is important to remind future generations of the struggles the Black community has gone through and continues to go through. I am thrilled at the opportunity to honor the voices of those in the book by embodying them and sharing their powerful journey with listeners.”

The Black Imagination audiobook is available Tuesday.

'Black Imagination' by Natasha Marin Audiobook Cover

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