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Dodger Stadium Vaccination Site to Close Amid Vaccine Shortage


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Dodger Stadium’s vaccination site will temporarily close for two days amid vaccine shortage.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti gave an update in which he stated that he would provide both good and bad news.

As of Feb. 10, Garcetti says 293,252 vaccine doses have been administered by the city of Los Angeles with a daily average of 13,051 which is a 27 percent increase since last week. However, he notes the “bad news” is that “we don’t have enough vaccines.”

“All of the numbers and the successes we’ve had so far point to a simple fact, when vaccines do get to Los Angeles, we know how to administer them. We have a great infrastructure set up of amazing people and we’ll give them to folks efficiently and safely. But the problem is we still aren’t receiving enough doses soon enough,” he explained.

“I’m very concerned right now,” he said. “By tomorrow, the city will have exhausted its current supply of the Moderna vaccine for first dose appointments. This is an enormous hurdle in our race to vaccinate Angelenos and unfortunately, it means we will have to temporarily close Dodgers Stadium and the other four non-mobile vaccination sites for two days on Friday and Saturday.”

“This is not where I want to be. It is not where we deserve to be,” he added, saying that business will reopen most likely Tuesday or Wednesday.

Garcetti reiterated that the closure would not impact those waiting for a second dose but will prevent them from moving forward with first doses as they await more vaccines.

“This week we only received 16,000 new doses. That’s about the number of new doses we give out every single day,” he said, adding that that is “down 90,000 from the week before.”

“That is unacceptable. I’m not here to point fingers. I’m here as always to be a partner. But I want to be clear, Los Angeles needs more doses,” Garcetti said, expressing his hope that Los Angeles receives a “steady supply.”

Dodger Stadium, which was previously a testing site, has been recognized as one of the city’s largest mass vaccination sites. Last month, the vaccination site was briefly interrupted after a group of protesters carrying signs that read “End the lockdown,” “COVID scam” and “99.9 % survival rate” gathered at the entrance.

Watch Garcetti’s full briefing below.

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