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Nick Cordero’s Wife Says ‘Waitress’ Star Is Receiving Temporary Pacemaker After Leg Amputation


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Nick Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots on Friday took to Instagram to share a follow-up on the recent amputation of the Broadway star’s leg due to blood clotting, which was a complication of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus

Cordero underwent the surgical procedure last week and was put in a medically induced coma immediately afterward. In her Instagram story, Kloots noted that Cordero is receiving a temporary pacemaker in his heart because of “dips” in his heart rate.

“So we just got a call from his doctor, and it looks like he had some irregular heart beating last night that scared them enough to want to do a temporary pacemaker in Nick’s heart,” Kloots said in her video message. “His heart is functioning well, but he has had these dips in his heart rate for a little while now. This one last time apparently was enough that it requires them to do this procedure to put a temporary pacemaker in his heart, so that any time they move him or need to do some procedures in the future to help him continually get better, they don’t have to worry about his heartbeat dropping again.”

On Saturday morning, Kloots continued her Instagram story thread by sharing in another video message, “He is doing really well with the pacemaker. His heart rate has been under control.” She then said that if the next two days go well and are “easy rest days” for Cordero, doctors will be removing the ventilator and putting in a trach, followed by a feeding tube on Tuesday. 

Of the decision to have his leg amputated, Kloots told Kathy Park on the Today show, “It came to a point where honestly it was life or leg, and we had to choose life.” The Waitress star had been put on an EMCO machine — used to help oxygenate the blood — to save his life.

Kloots has continued to chronicle Cordero’s health struggles on social media, including not only her own posts and well wishes for her husband, but those of others in the theater community who are fighting for Cordero to make a full recovery.

A GoFundMe page was created a week ago to raise funds for Cordero’s mounting medical costs, with a goal of $450,000. At the time of this writing, $435,120 has been raised by 7,500 donors. Meanwhile, the hashtag #wakeupnick is being widely used to spread a positive message of hope on social media. 

Earlier this week, Kloots posted a picture of the Cedars Sinai Medical Center and wrote, “At some point every day I go to Cedars Sinai and stand outside the hospital. I talk to Nick, I pray, I play his song and I sing to him! It’s the closest I can get to him on a daily basis.” She went on to thank “every nurse and doctor” who is taking care of Cordero and “all the COVID-19 patients,” calling them “health heroes.”

On Saturday, Kloots included their son Elvis in a post that read, “I put on a dress today! I didn’t iron it, but it’s on and I’m proud of that. I’m doing my best to keep Elvis happy so we are dancing and singing everyday till Nick comes home!” The accompanying photo showed a smiling Kloots and Elvis wearing matching red and white colors. 

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