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Pence Says 150K Coronavirus Tests Being Conducted Daily


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Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday said 150,000 coronavirus tests are now being conducted daily in the U.S., but also suggested that governors and not the federal government were to blame for numbers not being higher.

Pence told NBC’s Meet the Press that “if states around the country will activate all of the laboratories that are available in their states, we could more than double that overnight.”

He said the nation has “sufficient testing today” for states to begin reopening their economies as part of the initial phases of guidelines the White House released earlier this week. 

Governors from both parties have said that while they do have more labs that could increase testing in many areas, they often are unable to do so because of federal delays. 

Pence was also asked about President Donald Trump tweeting that Democratic governors in Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia should “liberate” their states — even though officials there are following many of the Trump administration’s own guidelines about slowing the spread of the coronavirus. 

Pence sidestepped those, saying, “This president wants to reopen the American economy as soon as we can safely and responsibly do it.”


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