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Quentin Tarantino’s Theater Among Vandalized Los Angeles Businesses


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The Quentin Tarantino-owned New Beverly Cinema was among the businesses vandalized Saturday after a night of protesting in Los Angeles, specifically in the Fairfax District. 

The iconic theater on Beverly Boulevard was tagged with numerous messages, including “Fuck the police,” according to pictures shared by the theater’s director of operations, Jules McLean. 

It did not appear the glass entryway was broken-out. The theater, like every other in the city, has been shuttered for months due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

A request for comment from Tarantino was not returned, but on Monday, the theater updated its marquee to read: “Justice for George Floyd.” 

The New Beverly Cinema building, which underwent renovation in 2018, dates back to the 1920s. The late Sherman Torgan bought the theater in 1978. In December 2007, Tarantino bought the building to save the property from redevelopment.

“It was going to be turned into a Super Cuts,” the filmmaker said at the time. “I’d been coming to the New Beverly ever since I was old enough to drive there from the South Bay — since about 1982. So, I couldn’t let that happen.” 

Tarantino does the vast majority of the monthly programming at the New Beverly; many of the 35mm and 16mm prints shown are from his private collection.

His latest film, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, had more than 50 consecutive sellouts last summer, a record. 

June 1, 12:10 p.m.: Updated that the theater changed its marquee message. 

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