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Rick Springfield to Release Follow-Up to Best-Selling Novel, ‘Magnificent Vibration’ (Exclusive)


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More than six years after his best-selling novel Magnificent Vibration was published, Rick Springfield is releasing a follow-up.

The sequel, World on Fire, will be released in January as an Audible original. The story will once again center on Bobby Cotton who, in the prequel, makes an unexpected connection with God via a mysterious self-help book and a 1-800 number which then leads him on a spiritual quest alongside his bride and travel companion Alice Young.

In World on Fire, Bobby and Alice are trying to find salvation amid a global pandemic that’s wiping out half the world’s population. Things also take a turn when they discover their newborn daughter is born with surprising abilities — but she isn’t alone. The fate of the Earth is soon questioned after a convergence head for a single building by the sea of Galilee, as aliens watch and close in.

“Houston, we have a problem! Pandemic. Fires. Hurricanes. Isolation. TV re-runs. The end seems near. I love our planet, as we all do, and the destruction we’re bringing to her door is frightening. I really want to change the ending. Then, I realized that I could, IN FICTION, because…well…its fiction. So I wrote a novel about it and gave our planet a happier resolution. Of sorts,” Springfield said of the anticipated sequel.

After the publication of Magnificent Vibration, which was likened to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Springfield’s debut novel became a New York Times bestseller. Though taking the time to write a follow-up, Springfield says writing about a pandemic while being released in a pandemic is coincidental.

“6 years in the making!!! The sequel to my first novel Magnificent Vibration. Apparently, Horatio Cotton and (ex-nun) Sister Alice Young did the ‘deed’ because there is a plague afoot,” he said. “This novel was begun way before COVID but finished during the lockdown which made it especially bizarre to me. Hopefully, it provides some needed laughs, a few tears, and a conclusion of sorts.”

In addition to Magnificent Vibrations, Springfield’s writing credits include his 2010 best-selling memoir Late, Late at Night. The release of World on Fire will also arrive amid the 40th anniversary of Springfield’s fourth studio album, Working Class Dog, which was released by RCA Records in 1981 and features his Grammy-winning single “Jessie’s Girl.”

World on Fire will be released on Audible on January 28. Preorders are available now.

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