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Seth Rogen to Release Debut Book in May


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Seth Rogen is ready to bring the funny in his first published book.

The comedian will release his Yearbook this May, Crown, an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, announced Wednesday.

“I wrote a book called Yearbook. It’s true stories and essays and stuff that I hope you think are funny. It comes out in May, but if you like you can order it now. Yay,” Rogen tweeted when announcing the upcoming book. In his video, Rogen also showcases the book’s hardcover jacket art that resembles a yearbook and features art of both real and fictional characters such as head of Sony Michael Lynton  and Xenu.

Yearbook will be a compilation of comical and true accounts from doing stand-up at an early age, moving to Los Angeles,  the jumpstart of his career in Hollywood and more.

Of his book, Rogen teases, “I talk about my grandparents, doing stand-up comedy as a teenager, bar mitzvahs, and Jewish summer camp, and tell way more stories about doing drugs than my mother would like. I also talk about some of my adventures in Los Angeles, and surely say things about other famous people that will create a wildly awkward conversation for me at a party one day.” 

In the book release announcement, Sandy Rogen, Seth’s mother, also hilariously shares a few words: “At first I was worried that Seth was writing a book, because I was like, ‘Oh no! What’s he gonna say?!’ I was actually scared to even read it. But I’m very happy I did. It’s not really a memoir, like I thought it might be. I guess it’s more of a bunch of funny stories? Does that make sense? He talks about doing stand-up when he was a kid (I drove him to all his shows!), his grandparents, high school, moving to L.A., meeting some famous people, things like that.”

She also quips, “If I’m being honest, I really wish there wasn’t so much drug talk. Why does he need all that? It’s like ‘We get it!’ And some of the stories? I mean, they’re entertaining, but I was just shocked they happened and he never told me! Overall, I think it’s more sweet and funny than anything, so I like it, and I’m glad he wrote it, but I’d be even more glad if he called me more.”

UTA represented Rogen in the deal.

Yearbook will be released on May 11, 2021. An audio edition will be released simultaneously by Penguin Random House Audio with Rogen narrating.

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