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The Jig(saw) Is Up: 11 Puzzles to Curb Boredom While at Home


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Boredom is on the rise as people are sheltering indoors and practicing social distancing because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. With much of Hollywood at a standstill, jigsaw puzzles are making their way back onto the kitchen table. Not only can they help make time pass, they can also serve as a meditative way to ease anxiety, reduce stress and boost creative thinking.

Kaylin Marcotte is the owner and founder of Jiggy Puzzles, which includes fans such as Bachelor alums Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. She launched the company in 2019 because she wanted to bring new, modern designs created by female artists to the puzzle world. She tells The Hollywood Reporter her passion for puzzles is also a stress-relief tool that others can utilize to ease grief and PTSD. “Puzzles are such a calming, self-care ritual for me. They provide structured creation and force you to be present — no way to be on your phone or computer and do a puzzle.”

As a New Yorker for the past 12 years, she has never experienced the Big Apple like it is right now. “When you choose to live in New York, you trade private space for public and expect much of your life to be lived in public spaces — trade a big yard for the park, a big kitchen for the endless restaurants, a living room big enough to entertain for the bars and dance clubs. So when public spaces are no longer an option, it really shakes the city to its core.”

To enrich all this time spent at home, here are 11 puzzles for the ultimate jigsaw enthusiast or the novice player.

1. Galison Pop Art Soup Cans

Featuring two of Andy Warhol’s iconic takes on the Campbell’s tomato soup can, this 500-count, 24-by-18-inch puzzle is double-sided, with a matte finish on one image and a glossy finish on the other to help with sorting; $16,

2. Puzzle So Hard Palm

A warm evening sky creates a challenging backdrop for this 1,000-piece, 20-by-27-inch puzzle featuring a solitary palm tree; $25,

3. Areaware Gradient Set

Each 18-by-24-inch puzzle in this set of four contains 500 pieces that come together as vibrant gradient art, designed by graphic designer Bryce Wilner. USA-made; $100,

4. Four Point Moon Image

Released in 2019 on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, this 1,000-piece circular puzzle (26.5 inches in diameter) features one of the clearest images of Earth’s satellite ever taken and is made from recycled materials; $25,

5. Gray Malin Beach Scene

Reminiscent of the days when beaches were full, this double-sided, 500-piece puzzle (24 x 18 inches) features an aerial photograph by artist Gray Malin, shot from a helicopter, of a busy beach scene; $25,

6. Jiggy Puzzles BerlinMagalog

Designed by artist Diana Ejaita, this 450-piece jigsaw puzzle (12.6 x 16.8 inches) is inspired by central African culture; $40,

This is the puzzle that Jiggy founder Marcotte is currently playing.

7. Lemonade Garden Scene

At woman-owned Lemonade Pursuits, 10 percent of sales go to contributing artists, such as Susan Nethercote, who created this abstract, 1,000-piece Midnight Garden scene (19.3 x 26.6 inches); $25,

8. Stave Dragon

This tricky, handcrafted puzzle contains 44 irregularly sized pieces that can be fitted together in 32 variations, only one of which is correct. The puzzle is made to order (expect delivery in four to eight weeks); $487,

9. Galison Rainbow Crystals

A geologic paradise is on display in this vivid 500-piece jigsaw adventure (20 x 20 inches), from a photograph by Julie Seabrook; $14,

10. Wentworth Library Scene

Inspired by her English childhood, Rebecca Campbell highlights the environment of an avid bookworm in this puzzle titled Do Not Disturb. Available in sizes from 250 to 1,000 pieces; $50-$174,

11. Charley Harper California Desert Mountains

The late conservationist and artist Charley Harper created this look at the flora and fauna of California’s Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. 1,000 pieces (23 x 25 inches); $19.95,


This story first appeared in the April 8 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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