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Virtual Cannes to Kick Off With Virtual Party


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Just because physical Cannes got canned, that’s no reason to stop the party.

Ahead of next week’s first (and, most hope, last) Cannes Virtual Market, the international film industry will have a chance to swig some champagne and chill out Mediterranean style. On Saturday, Cannes party expert Danielle Pelland of Brilliant Consulting Group has invited market players to a virtual event meant to bring a little bit of the Croisette to living rooms and home offices around the world.

The event is for buyers and industry execs taking part in the online market organized by the U.S. talent agencies and major sales companies. “We were all missing being in Cannes so we tried to recreate the Cannes experience online,” says Pelland.

The Cannes virtual party kicks off at noon L.A. time on Saturday, or 9 p.m. in continental Europe – “just the time for a glass of rosé,” notes Pelland. Guests, per the invite, are asked to come equipped with a beach blanket, a glass (or several) of rosé and plenty of “joie de vivre.”

A few select guests will get a real taste of Cannes. Brilliant Consulting has sent top distributors a gift basket with several Cannes essentials, including French macarons from local bakery La Provence Patisserie & Cafe in Beverly Hills, a Seaside mist scented candle, a salt and spice mix straight from renowned Cannes restaurant Le Maschou and, of course, a bottle of rosé from the Provence.

To get everyone suitably chill, famed yoga teacher and sound therapist Alessandra Montana will start things off, leading guests in a 45-minute sound bath. Then, Sylvain Luka, house DJ at Le Maschou, will jump on the decks for a one-hour set, recorded on location at Emmanuel Le Maschou’s legendary old city hotspot.

Squint and you might think you’re really there.

The Cannes Virtual Market runs June 22-June 28.



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