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Will Forte’s Father Reveals Son’s Engagement


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Will Forte is engaged to be wed, according to the actor’s father.

Reb Forte, who explained on this week’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? that his full name is Orville Willis Forte III, shared the news when he joined his son — Orville Willis Forte IV — for an appearance on the ABC show. He did not name Forte’s partner, though the former Last Man on Earth star is known to be dating Olivia Modling. 

“He’s currently engaged, and says if he has a boy, they’ve both agreed, it’s a possibility it would be Orville Willis Forte V,” said Reb on the show. “Not a decision, but a possibility.” The actor replied, “We’re thinking about it.”

Forte, 49, who participated in the show for charity, chose his father to be his “expert.” When host Jimmy Kimmel asked him what the best piece of advice is that his father passed down to him, he replied, “To get out of the pool to pee.” Joked Kimmel, “So you will actually climb out of the pool and pee into it?” The actor responded with a laugh, “Yes.”

Forte, who is notoriously private, has not shared the news himself via social media. His rep declined comment when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter.

View the clip of Forte and his father’s appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? below.

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