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Women in Film Reveals Insight Fellows for 2020 (Exclusive)


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Women in Film, Los Angeles on Thursday announced the 18 participants that have been selected for their 2020 INSIGHT Program.

The program addresses the urgent challenges that professionals with intersectional identities face in the entertainment industry, as well as the underrepresentation of women of color across the sector.

“Genuine representation for women of color in entertainment will be determined not only by our visibility, but also our agency and our community. It is about more than being decided upon for a job, it is also about transforming the system so that more women of color are decision makers,” said Maikiko James, WIF Director of Programs.

The participants include Angela Harvey, Angelique Molina, Avril Z. Speaks, Elizabeth Franco, Gabriela Lugo, Gabrielle Ebron, Jeannie Nguyen, Jessica Shields, Kase Pena, KrenéeTolson, Kryzz Gautier, Lauren E. Zubia Calsada, Mariscela Beatríz Méndez, Martina Lee, Meenakshi Ramamurthy, Shandrea Evans, Sue-Ellen Chitunya and Winnie Kemp.

The community is made up of talented, emerging women of color media creators. A strong network of advocates, mentorship and continuing education provide assistance to members of the program, while fellows receive support and resources from Women in Film to help them elevate their careers in a collective and nurturing way. The program incorporates open dialogue sessions, collaboration with fellow participants and opportunities to develop custom programming.

Fellows also receive mentoring, bi-monthly master classes and the opportunity to be featured on the Women in Film website. A number of master classes are offered and tackle topics ranging from creative producing, directing actors, navigating distribution and financial sustainability.

The 2020 mentors include Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni, head of strategic outreach, Pearl Street Films; Dana Gills, head, development & production for Wondaland Pictures; Yasmin Hormozi, director, narrative film, Participant Media; Emerlynn Lampitoc, director, global talent development, NBCUni; Margie Moreno, head of Latin America, YouTube Originals; and Amber Rasberry, vp development, Paramount Players.

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